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Natasja Wegerif 

Natasja Wegerif
Clinical Specialist /
Sales Representative

At Medtronic, we all work hard, but meeting patients and partnering with medical professionals to find solutions for chronic and acute disease, makes up for the investment by far.




What makes Medtronic unique and so appealing, I think, is that it is a high-ethical and high-quality environment in which patients always come first. As the market leader, we maintain an excellent reputation, with first-class products and first-class people.

I've been with Medtronic for four years now and I can honestly say: I have a super job! I work autonomously, but I can always rely on my colleagues, management and the back office staff, they're my second family, so to speak. At Medtronic, we all work hard, but meeting patients and partnering with medical professionals to find solutions for chronic disease, makes up for the investment by far.

Launching a new product is always an exciting experience: the thrill of a first implant, then witnessing growth in the market and in the end sharing success stories from patients, it’s a fantastic experience. Last year, Medtronic managed to even top this reward by nominating and electing me for the President’s Club, truly an event I will never forget.

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Medtronic staat op nummer 16 in de lijst van Best Workplaces in 2017!

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